We admired beautiful panorama of the Himalayas during a flight to Kathmandu. At the airport we had to pay USD30 for a visa. We found accommodation in Pacifist hotel (250NRP). Although Kathmandu is very tourist city it is also very exotic for people from Europe. There are many Buddhist temples, pagodas and stupas. There is a temple on every square of the city. The architecture and decorations of the buildings are incredible. Some of religious buildings are very old, some of them quite modern. However all of them are full of people. Nepalese pray, touch holy sculpture and turn prayer wheels. Generally Nepalese are very religious, taciturn, withdraw and nice. Most of them are dressed in traditional clothes. It makes Kathmandu streets so exotic.

There are so many places to see in Kathmandu. I would recommend modern stupa called Swayambhunath. The stupa is situated on the hill. There are monkeys in the temple. Monks feed and take care of them. We met some Buddhist monks in the temple. They wore orange habits.

Next day we visited two towns in Kathmandu valley. First we went to Bhaktapur. We had to pay USD10 to enter the city. This is extraordinary, heritage town. Many people seem to live in medieval centuries there. They live very simply without all gadgets of XX century e.g. wash machines, TV, fridges. They dry grains on the streets of the town.

After a few hours in Bhaktapur we went to Patan. This is modern town with very old main square. There are a few dozen temples on the Durbar Square. The oldest ones were built 2000 years ago. They are decorated with religious and erotic sculptures.

We spent one day in Nagarkot. The town is situated 2200 meters above sea level. We admired panoramic view of the Himalayas.

I had an opportunity to see ordinary live of Nepalese. One day I saw a man who carried a refrigerator on his back. The fridge was higher than he was. Another day I saw a barber. His hair saloon was next to the street. It was very simple –two chairs and a mirror. I mentioned that I did not like Hindi kitchen. However Nepali or Newar meals were delicious.

When we left the country we had to pay another USD 11. It made me very angry. Totally administration fee was USD 41 (30 for visa + 11). I spent in Nepal only a few days and I do hope to come back to this country in the future.

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