Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers are the most famous buildings in KL. They used to be the highest buildings in the world for a couple of years.
Petronas Towers are the most beautiful at nights. They are illuminated fantastically. Entrance fee is high - 80 RM. Futuristic lift takes you to 41 level. You can go between two towers by skybridge. There is panoramic view on the city from observation deck - 360 meters.
Number of tickets is limited. You need to go to the towers before 8.30 a.m. to buy a ticket. You can save your time and buy ticket online:
Menara Kuala Lumpur is the other tower in KL. It is not far from Petronas Twin Towers and you can see the twin towers. There two view decks at Menara. The best one is open deck with no glass or plastic walls. You can take the best panoramic pictures from there. The tickets are very expensive - 99 RM.
I think Manara Kuala Lumpur open desk is the best option to enjoy panoramic view of KL.
Thean Hou temple is beautiful located on the Robson Hill. It was built at the end of XX century. It is perfect mix of modern and traditional architecture. How to get to the temple:
Take a Monorail (line 8) to Tun Sambanthan. 
Cross bridge over the highway.
Turn left
Go ahead c.a. 500 meters
Turn left and go up to the temple. 

Accommodation. There are many hotels and hostels in KL. Don't worry you always find accommodation. It was no problem with accommodation on New Chinese Year Eve.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands are the biggest tourists attraction in Malaysia. They attracted local and foreign tourists who want escape from the tropical climate of the lowlands. Tea and strawberry plantations, butterfly and bee farms, mountain trails, mossy forest are the main attractions.
Transport from KL to Cameron Highland. Take a bus (35-40RM) at Puduraya Bus Terminal. The journey takes 5 hours.
There are a few small towns with tourist infrastructure in the area. Tanah Rata Town is one of the best option for backpackers. You can find many hostels and hotel in the town. It is good idea to book a room early if you come to Cameron Highland at weekends or during public holidays. At low season or weekday the prices are 30% lower than at weekends or high season.
You can travel by bus, taxi or hitch-hiking at Cameron Highlands. Public transport is not punctual. Bus from Tanah Rata to Gunung Brinchang costs 3RM, taxi 30 RM. In my opinion the best option is to get morning bus to tea plantations and come back on foot. You can also try to hitchhike. Drivers often give a lift.
I can recommend very nice one day excursion. At 8.00 a.m. take a bus (3 RM) from Tahah rata to Binchang. Trail no. 1 starts in Brinchang and go to the top of Gunung Brinchang (1-2 hours). This is not easy path. It goes through the jungle and it is steep.
At the top of Gunung Brinchant go upstairs to view platform and enjoy panoramic view.
There is ease trail form the peak to Mossy Forest. Mossy Forest is extraordinary place. It looks like scenery of fantasy movie.
Trail to the peak of Gunung Irau starts just behind Mossy Forest. It is a long way so it is better to postpone climbing to another day.
Next go to tea factory. There are beautiful tea plantation hills on the way. You get know process of tea production. Please watch a movie about it :

Before you leave the factory drink delicious cup of tea.
Go down to the main road from the factory. On the way you can visit butterfly farm. There are many insects in the farm. Leaf and sick insects are the most amazing. How they look you can see in the photo gallery:
Wait for a bus to Brinchang or you can try to hitchhike on the main road. There is very nice and easy trail (paths no. 2,3,4) from Binchang to Tahah Rata. You can visit Sam Poh temple on the way.
There are many trails in Cameron Highland. Please see a map:

Gunung Irau & Penang

Penang is 3 in 1. Old Town on list of UNESCO world heritage, delicious food and nice beaches.
Transport from Cameron Highland to George Town costs 35RM by public bus. Make sure that Old Town is the final stop.
Accommodation. Triple room with share bathroom costs 40 RM.
Local bus to Kek Lok Si - the biggest temple in South-East Asia: 2,70 RM
More information you can find on webpage:


Old Town is on UNESCO heritage list . Malacca was the most important port of South-East Asia till XIX century.
You can explore all attractions on foot.
It is enough to spent 2 days in the city.
At weekend there are many local tourists in Malacca. Narrow streets of Old Town are very crowded and it is difficult to find accommodation.
There is very big Chinese minority in Malacca. You can watch a movie hot they celebrate Chinese New Years Eve:

Bus ticket from KL to Malacca costs 10 RM. Take a bus S02 (1,5 RM) from Chine Town to TBS bus station in KL.
Bus no 17 (2Rm) goes from bus station to Old town in Malacca.
Accommodation. I recommend Chong Hoe Hotel (26, Jalan Tukang Emas, GoldSmith Street). Big triple room with share bathroom costs 50 RM.
Food is delicious. Main course costs 5-8 RM. Fresh juice 3-4 RM.
The most popular beach is on Batu Ferrengi street. It takes 30 minutes to get there by bus. I was disappointed with the beach. Nothing special.

Useful advices

  • Accommodation in KL : 70 RM for triple room with bathroom in Excel Inn - China Town. Double room costs 60 RM
  • Accommodation in Tanah Rata Town - Cameron Highlands: triple room with bathroom 90 RM - weekend and 70 RM weekday
  • Accommodation in George Town - triple room, share bathroom: 40 RM
  • Accommodation in Malacca - triple room with share bathroom: 50 RM
  • bus ticket: KL-Cameron Highlands: 35-40RM
  • bus ticket: KL-Melaka : 10 RM
  • bus ticket Cameron Highlands- George Town (Penang): 35RM
  • main course up to 10 RM
  • fresh juice: 2-6 RM
  • alcohol is expensive. Beer costs 15 RM for big bottle.
  • There are many bus stations in KL. Buses to Cameron Highlands departure from Puduraya Bus Terminal. Buses to Malacca departure from TBS bus station.
  • Trekking equipment:

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